When will we Learn to Reward Excellence? Giving #85 Million to the Winner of The - Show - of - Shame! - SHOLA MIKE AGBOOLA

 The president of the EVOM WORLD NETWORK, Evangelist Shola Mike Agboola has reacted to the concluded Big Brother Naija Lockdown (BBNAIJA) reality show in which contestant compete for a large cash price worth $220,000 at the end of the show by not being evicted from the house with the help of their fans vote.

27th of september, Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe a.k.a Laycon emerged the winner of BBNaija lockdown edition 2020, with a grand price of #85 million and #10 million won during his stay at Big Brother's house.

Shola Mike Agboola has reacted to and also compared the grand price given to the winner of the show to the compensation given to a graduate who worked hard for four/five years in the university to graduate with a first class honour.

His Word;


I read the story of a young lady who labored for four (4) years in a Nigerian University. She gave everything to excel in her studies. She spent heavily to fund her education. she attended classes. She sat for test and exams. She carried out researches. She delivered Seminars and defended a terminal project. She burnt the midnight oil. God crowned her efforts with glowing success as she came out with a first class honour. A precious asset was produced for the society!. On the day of her convocation, all she got was a resounding ovation from attendees. An agency also rewarded her efforts with a laptop (worth about #150,000), that was all for appreciation.


I also read the story of some young fellows who were camped in a house for 71 days. what were they doing there? they engaged in wanton celebration of obscenity and immorality. their stay in the house was neither useful nor profitable. It added absolutely no positive value to the society. After just 71 days, a young man emerged the eventual winner of the show - of -shame and was rewarded with.......

#8,500..... No!

#85,000..... No!

#850,000..... No!

He went home with the sum of #85 million naira!....  


When will we learn to reward excellence? when will we learn to challenge our teeming youths to cherish and pursue morality. When will we start celebrating true value? 

These questions beg for answers.


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